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Claim your free Dogecoin now!

CrazyDoge! – Best Dogecoin faucet – claim every 15 minutes, 20% referral commission, up to 50% Seniority Bonus, comfortable interface without annoying popup ads.

NOW ACTIVE – CrazyLite!
NEXT PROMOTION: 19.08.18 – 11 am – 2 pm CEST TIME – x10 on CrazyLite (litecoin faucet)

CrazyDoge! - Best Dogecoin faucet - claim every 15 minutes

A Dogecoin faucet is a webpage that gives out users a very small amount of Dogecoins every few minutes. This way you can get your first Dogecoins without needing to buy them.


Get Dogetoshis every 15 minutes
TOTAL PAID: 1,689,945,864,965 Dogetoshi

  1. Register to crazyDOGE!
  2. Solve the Captcha
  3. Enter your Faucethub Dogecoin address
  4. Click on CLAIM

You should be logged in to claim Dogetoshi

Only addresses linked to profiles will be paid


Quick info about our faucets network:

  • CrazyDoge! is one of the “CrazyNetwork” faucets. We have planned to cover with faucets all the cryptocurrencies of “FaucetHub”.
  • In order to claim on our faucets, you need to have an active “FaucetHub” account and generate a crypto Address for every faucet you want to use.
  • We want to keep our payouts high, we distribute 90% of our advertising profit on claims. 
  • You could see changes on payouts because we decide to hook them to a fixed USD value. So if the cryptocurrency loses value compared to USD, you will see an increase of payout and viceversa.
  • We have one-level referral bonus of a fixed amount (20%). It is applied to every claim of your referrals. You can take your referral address after every claim or directly to your “Refer” page.
  • Every ten days of claims, you get a “Seniority” bonus of 5%, up to 50% after 100 days. The “Seniority” bonus resets after 72 hours (3 days) of not using the faucet.

Need assistance?

Please make sure to go over our FAQ section or social connections. Still can’t find an answer? Use the comment section at the bottom of the site.

CrazyDoge! – Best Dogecoin faucet – claim every 15 minutes CrazyDoge!

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    • admin888

      hi donihula, what do you mean for “script referral”?

  1. atceton

    Рекомендую всем. Стабильные выплаты без обмана. 15 dogecoin в час, это не шутка.

      • atceton

        Следи за промо, мне повезло. Я за три дня 70 догов взял не напрягаясь.

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